Meet the Band

Bob Eller – Bass

Bob the bassman is a champ.  He’s a military vet, instrument/amp/gadget hoarder and he’s married to the amazing Sue Eller.  He a believer in legalization, “yeah mon!” Bob has played with several local bands including, Dandelion Moon and Whoville.  He used to work for the state and is now happily retired other than playing gigs and occasionally stirring up trouble.



Bob and Sue Eller.

Dave Baldwin – Lead Guitar

Folks around town will recognize Dave as the Host of the Open-Mic night at the Fox and Goose.  Dave is a guitar virtuoso,  as stated by him, “I can play anything in the key of R,” (regular).  Actually he can play in any key.  He has also been noted for his remarkable resemblance to God.  We played a show a few months back and the band that followed us took the stage and remarked, “That girl has God as her guitarist.  No, seriously, did you see that?  God on guitar.”  He’s easily mistaken for the ultimate miracle maker but he has yet to turn water into wine.  He can burn up that fretboard though.



Striking resemblance, no?


Kevin Gailey – Drums

Teacher, drummer, music junky, loves power tools, fixing old cars, and making drums. Loves the hell out of his wife, two Basset Hounds Linus and Lucy and his two adorable cats Gatsby and Daisy. Could eat Mexican food 24/7 and has Tabasco in his veins. Kevin’s a bona fide master of drumming.  Hailing from Long Beach, CA, he played in several bands in San Francisco before moving to Sacramento and has played with Warren Bishop and the Holy Men before joining the 8-Tracks.  We’re lucky to work with such a great guy.  Here he is with his lovely wife Danielle.  It’s always hard to get great photos of the drummer!



Kevin in true form, (with a dog nose peeking through).  In addition to playing drums, Kevin is a certified dog whisperer.  He has learned to communicate with my dogs via jerky.


I’m pleased to play with these cool cats!