Kally is from Ashland, Kentucky.  She was raised in Homestead, Florida and spent a lot of time listening to her parent’s classic country and Southern Rock record collection and whatever was playing on the radio.

She has five full length CD’s and is wrapping up production on #6 to be released in mid 2023. You can find her work on YouTube, Spotify and Pandora. Her music is available for purchase on all major platforms, iTunes, Amazon, etc.  Her songs are catchy and familiar, playful and fun,  sometimes serious, though more often not.  O’Mally has a knack for combining styles and her songs can range from a classic sounding new country to fun and cheeky pop.

O’Mally moved from Sacramento, CA to Sebastian, FL in 2021. She has performed solo, duo, or with her full band for over twenty years in Sacramento and had several artist residencies in local venues. She’s an experienced performer whose shows include a wide variety of fun covers and catchy originals that are sure to entertain.  She’s looking forward to entertaining the fine folks of the Treasure Coast.

Kally O'Mally
Kally O’Mally

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