Easy Money

I should have known that by writing a song called Easy Money, folks might think that I was trying to hook them into some sort of money making scam.  I guarantee, that’s not the case.  My uncle was a paramedic at Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital and he used to love his El Camino.  He used it as a pushcar for racing.  When I was a kid I used to clean his house (gross) for extra loot.

It seemed to fitting to include the El Camino in this song.  I made the video as well, using an online program that got scooped up by Disney unfortunately so they closed up shop.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish on your own these days if you’ve got some technological prowess.  The tools that are available have rewritten the manual on what we can accomplish individually.

I’ve got two major projects that I hope to wrap by the end of the year.  It’s a good thing I get two weeks off from my hospital job over the approaching holidays.  I’m going to use that time to wrap up my instrumental CD and try to finish recording the music for my next lyric based CD, “Wild West Medicine Show.”  The songs are written and crowds are already responding to my new songs, “Sweet Delta Breeze” and “Fly.”

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